4S_SQUAD Freelancer clan
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4S_SQUAD Freelancer clan

Fighters for The Great Balance
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Broj poruka : 1001
Localisation : Serbia-NS
Datum upisa : 11.02.2007

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Clan name: 4S_SQUAD
Clan founder: mmn2911
Clan button: Role Play story/ Mandatory period ... 4s                          clan avatar:Role Play story/ Mandatory period ... 148866886344eed792ee309

Clan homesystem: Omicron Delta

Clan role play story

…We are but the ancient….. we are everywere……we are the chosen ones..

Our ancestors gave us the skill to manage The Power in a way you could never be able to understand. Managing it to implement full balance between the good and evil, the true and false. There is no advantage, no domination. Neither for good, nor for the evil.

The Balance is all what we are about to. Our main task, our main aim. It is source of whole our existence. And we are ready to keep it as it is, as it was through star mileniums. It means that we have no hesitations to fight for good as same as for the dark side.

Stay out of our way, we are who create benefactions, conduct to destructions, keep deeds of mankind, teach to manage the Force. We are the unique in one spoken
word… ……………we...............are.............4S_SQUAD

Clan organization structure:
Clan has democratic system and  pilots are mostly from Serbia. Members unanimously decided to create a form of leadership which had been supposed to fullfil the will of majority to resound the fundamentals of the principle of balance. So, the Consilium was formed. The clan has established a clan Parliament, Court and Bank.

Current members of Consilium, mandatory period from 25.11-25.05.2008:
    BabaRoga - Head of the Consilium, department of Diplomacy and foreign affairs

    Doncha - Head of department of Defence

    LIMAN-Head of department of Justice

    Valter - Head of department of Design, research and development

    DESTROYER - Head of department of Financial affairs

Current President of the Parliament, mandatory period from 25.11.-25.05.2008.:

Clan role play: We prefer to be neutral to all. But we'll also reserve a right to attack anyone or to defend from anyone according to our attitude to geopolitical surroundings in present and future. But, of course, it means that we are opened for alliances too.

4S_SQUAD BabaRoga
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Don't mess with 4S !!!
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Role Play story/ Mandatory period ...
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